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Licensing Agreement

  Limitations, Licensing Stipulations & Legal Smeagle Stuff:


The following is a legal agreement between you and 24K GOLD GRAPHICS™. Please read this agreement carefully before using our membership images, free images or any other service or offer on our site.
The contents of this website, CDs or downloaded images are proprietary and copyrighted by 24K GOLD GRAPHICS™. All rights are reserved.


1. When you purchase a royalty-free membership from 24K GOLD GRAPHICS™ (or purchase CDs) you get a non-exclusive, non-transferable, license to use and modify the images for your personal and professional work.

2. The Gold Clipart Membership is Non-Refundable. 24K GOLD GRAPHICS™ will not be held responsible for any misunderstanding of a client's purchase of a membership who did not read through the Terms of Use. Once Payment has been made for a membership and the client has gained access to the members area, they cannot then receive a refund because they subsequently 'changed their mind', or did not understand that they were purchasing a 'clip art' membership. If you have any questions, the time to ask is BEFORE purchasing.

Usage Limitations
These images are not designed for printing. They are in a low resolution 72-92 dpi formats (gif and jpeg).
They are designed to work well for things like website pages and computer related programs.

Low resolution gif or jpeg images work just fine for many non-printing applications. However, for professional results in printed applications, we offer a high resolution 300 dpi tif for each image which can be purchased for a small additional fee, by clicking on the image and selecting the 'Order High Resolution' Button.

Understanding the difference between high and low resolution images:



Usage Ideas and Purposes
: For both personal and commercial use within the following guidelines including personal websites, school projects, educational use, and commercially for advertising and design applications for clients.

GoldClipart.com Royalty-free Images can be used privately & commercially for:

• Websites
• School
• CafePress™
• T-shirts
• Embroidery
• Banners
• Stationery
• Brochures
• Business cards
• Invitations
• Church Bulletins
• Ads
• Promotional stuff
• Product labels
• Announcements
• Greeting cards
• Bumper Stickers
• Decoration
• Documents
• Posters

• Books
• Logos*
• Emails
• Presentations
• Scrapbooks
• Greeting Cards
• Posters
• Vinyl Signs
• Flyers
• Leaflets
• Plaques
• CD/DVD covers & labels
• Indoor/Outdoor Signage
• Fundraiser Projects
• Commercial Projects
• Homework
• Catalogs
• E-books
• Postcards
Magazines ...and more!

*Logos can incorporate our images, but must be part of the design,
not the whole image. After all, a logo has to be unique!


. You may modify and publish all images as you wish in any personal, commercial or professional project for decorative or illustrative purposes, provided the images are part of a design, logo, ad, project or presentation.

2. You may use these graphics on the internet in your various web pages or on-line projects provided that they are used for viewing purposes only.

3. You may not in any way place these graphics in, or build, an image collection, archive, gallery, clipart site, or any other type of project that would encourage visitors to download or save images.
The license for personal or commercial use DO NOT include distribution rights. You are not permitted to use an offline downloader, spider, web crawler, or any other automated tool to download the content of the membership or anything on this site. Violators caught doing so, will be subject to loss of their privileges and have their membership revoked.

4. By purchasing a membership you are agreeing to all the terms contained herein. This agreement is protected under U.S. and international laws. Violators can be subject to prosecution under said laws, as well as have their membership revoked without notice.

5. You may not use our images to compete with us in any way (no kidding!). You may not use our images for adult-oriented, illegal, immoral or otherwise offensive purposes.

6. You may not claim our images as your own.

7. You may not try to steal our bandwidth when using any of our images in any part of this site.

8. You may not give out your membership password to anyone. Violation of any part of our terms is grounds for immediate termination without a refund.

9. Businesses purchasing a membership for their employees, must purchase a membership for each employee who will have access. Businesses must purchase the initial membership at the regular price, and thereafter will be allowed to purchase memberships at the discounted renewal rate for each of their employees.

9. Once you have purchased the privilege of access to our membership images (provided you agree with our terms of use) just as with any downloadable software, you are not entitled to a refund.

10. The Image Customizing Tool© is copyrighted, 2006, by 24k Gold Graphics™ and is our exclusive property. You are not permitted to reverse engineer, offload, distribute, or use the customize tool for any purpose other than the use of images already granted in these terms.

*A javascript-enabled browser is required to access member images.
*All offers and terms subject to change at any time without notice.
*Image Customize tool is not guaranteed to work with every version of any browser. It has been tested with Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6. You may need to upgrade your browser to access this feature of your membership.


Please read our Privacy Policy

We will not work for persons or businesses involved with adult-oriented, illegal, immoral or otherwise offensive material, media, websites, publications, distributors or manufacturing companies at our discretion.

We reserve the right to display any and all designs we do for our clients as part of our portfolio or for promotional usage on our website or other media.

Client testimonies may be also be published at our discretion for promotional usage. (We try be as discreet as possible - not using full names).

We reserve the right to display and resell all artwork not chosen by the customer when the customer is given several designs to choose from.





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