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In the 2000s as the millennium era, there were so many Bola Sbobet players who can prove themselves as the best in the world and featured inside hall of fame.

2 Great Players in Bola spbo bet Hall of Fame in 2000s

Now, there are countless great players in the world that can win easily. It is because card game starts to be the most popular game in the world especially Bola Sbobet. The evidence is you can go back to 2000s. There were so many great players appeared one by one and dominated the hall of fame with their own skill and history. Though one player can be there, there are still many chances to be there too.

2 Best Bola Sbobet in Hall of Fame with Unique History

What you need to know is the heroes who ruled Bola Sbobet hall of fame in 2000s such as:

  • Stu Ungar in 2001

The most feared and best No Limit Holdem player in the history of this game is Ungar. Ge got 3 WSOP titles and the competitor who got the same achievement like him was Johnny Moss. He earned 5 bracelets of WSOP and won 10 major events in No Limit type when he was still in 30. Unfortunately, he was defeated by demons inside his mind so he got addicted to gambling and drugs.

  • Lyle Berman in 2002

The specialist in cash game has to be Berman. However, he had 3 bracelets of WSOP. He won them in Deuce-to-seven draw, No Limit Holdem and Limit Omaha. He was placed in second position in WSOP events in 4 times. He is now the WPT Chairman of The Board.

Those players are considered the best in the world with his unique story and controversy so no wonder if they can get featured inside Bola Sbobet hall of fame.

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